Kiraly Gag-Order Cases

This page links to Gag-Order Cases material. Presently, legal and general material is mixed. It'll be sorted.

Short list:

For a short list of abbreviated titles, see the blue navigation buttons at the top of this page. A more detailed list follows below.

More detailed list:

1. Link: P.I. report 2018-12

The link goes to a private investigator's report related to alleged title fraud that he believed might be targeting Jim and Grace Kiraly.

The report includes a useful PDF sub-report containing data related to Jim. If you're looking for the PDF, it's at this link.

2. Link: CodeLicker Chess 2018-12

This page presents simply CodeLicker's comments on a chess game that he had just completed.

3. Link: Solvang Church notes

Notes related to religious support at or close to 636 Atterdag Road, Solvang, CA.

4. Link: Virginia Chang Kiraly 2018-12

This page contains posts related directly or indirectly to Virginia Chang Kiraly's behavior in December 2018.

A printed letter was mass-delivered by courier to Virginia's city block at the time. A copy of the letter is included.

5. Link: Fathers Day 2016

Father's Day Hooray

6. Link: Unsorted

This page contains posts that need to be sorted and moved to other pages.

Note to self: Add the rest of the links here.

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